North campus vs South Campus of Delhi University
North campus vs South Campus of Delhi University

North campus vs South Campus: A saga of choice

Welcome! One can choose the North campus or the South Campus of Delhi University. But it is a neverending battle. Haven’t you hoped into the train of a dilemma – which campus is the best? Campus vs. College? Let’s dig deeper to find answers to your questions.

For students, their campus rocks because college becomes home to fun activities along with academics. Discuss and decide for yourself considering everything, accommodation, fests, food, campus, hang-out spots, accessibility, etc.

North Campus vs South Campus of DU

ParametersNorth campusSouth Campus
AcademicsVery goodVery good
ExtracurricularsVery goodVery good
College festsCrossroads, Renaissance, Mecca, Tempest, etc.Reverie, Montage, Nexus, etc.
Hostel FacilitiesAvailable. Also, PGs Not Available. Only PGs
RentLow to ModerateHigh
AccessibilityHigh, Vishwavidalaya metro station and GTB Nagar metro stationLow, pink line metro station then a rickshaw
Fee structure Affordable fee structure except for minority collegesSame as north campus
Food jointsBYD, QD’s, Echoes, Burgrill, Ricos, Dolma aunty ke momos, Tom uncle ki Maggie, Chache di Hatti, etc.
BYD, QD’s, Echoes, Diggin, The treat, Kev’s cafe, Woodbox cafe, Wow momos, etc.
Shopping spotsKamla Nagar market, Tibetan market, etc.Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Hauz Khas, Khan Market, GK M-block market, etc.
Nightlife LowHigh
SafetyLow to moderateModerate to high
CrowdVery goodVery good

North Campus


North campus is seen as THE CAMPUS of the University of Delhi. Here along with the best courses, Delhi University has the best colleges like St. Stephens, SRCC, Hindu, Ramjas, Kirorimal, Hansraj, Miranda, Khalsa, etc. The colleges are located in close proximity to each other so it has the campus life which is the dream of every student. Colleges have an iconic infrastructure. No wonder Miranda House and St. Stephen’s campus is a treat for the eyes! Fests, workshops, everything becomes a hundred times better when you hop from one college to the next. You can chill in VC’s lawn and have the perfect evening with a cup of tea from the most lovable Sudama tea stall!

Fee Structure

Here, the fee structure is not heavy on your pocket as it is relatively low to moderate than other universities. But minority colleges have a comparatively higher fee structure like St. Stephens. Their fee structure is distinct.


Here, colleges are easy to reach because of Vishwavidalaya station or GTB Nagar metro station. You can walk to your colleges or take an e-rickshaw which is a sharing rickshaw. Autos are also a good option if you are travelling with your friends.


You can find affordable accommodation in hostels inside the campus premises and PGs in Kamla Nagar. If you are aspiring to be a civil servant then you can take coaching in Mukherjee Nagar and find a PG there.
There’s one tip for you- at some places in Kamla Nagar rates are pretty competitive in PGs because of the facilities they provide- wifi, food, ac, etc. so you can try GTB Nagar for something within the budget.

Night Life

If we talk about nightlife then North campus is not really safe as robberies are quite common.

All the cafes function till 11 pm. Students here have a hard time going to clubs or pubs after 11 pm so they travel to other places for extra fun.

College Fest

Fest season is star-studded and lasts for two or three days with different events like quizzes, treasure hunts, games, live shows, concert – DJ night, etc. There are food stalls, stations to play games and win prizes, singing/ dance competitions where other colleges participate, and stalls to purchase beautiful items. SRCC’s fest Crossroads, Miranda House’s Tempest, and Kirorimal’s Renaissance are very famous fests in Delhi University. How can you not love the unique stalls at these fests ranging from free stationery as prizes to fun games/challenges from brands like Coca-cola, Saffola, etc with goodies as prices? Also, the food stalls from different cafes, brands, etc. It is a paaaaarty!

Food Nearby

North Campus also has a wide range of cafes and street food for all the foodies. Even college canteens are famous for the food it provides at economical prices. DSE, SRCC, and Hindu are amongst the famous ones. Kamla Nagar, GTB Nagar, Hudson lane, Majnu ka Tilla, etc. are every North campus student’s favourite spots because of the beautiful ambience in the myriad of cafes. There are many theme-based cafes too. You can go to Big Yellow Door, Burgrill, Ricos, Echoes, etc.

But guys if you are tight on budget then Tom uncle ki Maggie, Chache di Hatti ke chole bhature, and Dolma aunty ke momos are all you need to satiate your hunger.

Shopping Nearby

The campus doesn’t have many shopping spots except the Kamla Nagar market and Tibetan market. Kamla Nagar is also the centre for stationery items and books. Kamla Nagar market offers clothes and accessories at affordable rates.
Also, to run away from the hustle-bustle of life, just take a walk nearby Kamla Nehru ridge. You will find peace in an energetic city like Delhi.

South Campus

Now, we will talk about the South campus.


The South Campus of Delhi University has some of the best colleges too. LSR, Venkateshwara, Gargi, and JMC are amongst the famous ones. LSR’s infrastructure can make you go weak in the knees! Also, JMC’s iconic building will make you fall in love with the South campus. However, the fee structure is the same across the university so there’s no difference from the north campus. Here, like St. Stephens, we have Jesus and Mary college as the minority college, which has a relatively higher fee structure than other colleges.


Here south campus colleges lack connectivity as they are not well connected. Also, some of them are not even close to the metro station so there is no campus vibe. But North campus has close distance within colleges to provide the best campus life. So in the south campus, to reach another college during the fest season you need to hop on an auto or cab to travel the distance! However, with the pink line metro station, things look good for the south campus students. Still, you need to take a rickshaw.


Here, it’s hard to find a flat within budget because accommodation is in the higher range (due to the posh area). Transportation also costs more than the travelling budget of the north campus students. So sharing autos will be your best friend!

Night Life

If we talk about nightlife then South campus students have an edge as it is comparatively safer than the north campus. South campus has so many clubs, bars, and pubs nearby that operate all night long! Here nightlife is very rich.

College Fest

Competing with North campus’ fests, South campus fests rock. South campus fests attract a lot of people to enjoy the fest season at LSR’s Tarang, Gargi’s Reverie, Venky’s Nexus and JMC’s Montage. It is also star-studded with DJ night, embellished with South Delhi’s fashion is a treat for every student. Also, It has so many games and unique prizes sponsored by big brands and celebrated for two to three days. Some colleges like IHE in Hauz Khas organizes rain dance in the college. How cool is that!

Food Nearby

South campus also offers a range of cafes for students. College canteens of PGDAV, LSR, and Venky provide a great variety of food within your budget. Satya Niketan is the most popular spot for students. Just like the north campus, we have Big Yellow Door and Echoes here. Diggin is one of the exquisite cafes in South Delhi, with scrumptious Italian food. Here cafes have beautiful themes.

You can also visit The Treat behind Jesus & Mary College, that’s embellished with posters and pictures of actor Rajesh Khanna. It’s visited by people from different countries who love the idea of dedicating a cafe to the superstar of Bollywood.

But these cafes are going to cost you a lot because of the location and ambience. So we will suggest you- Go indulge in some tasty street food in Satyaniketan or Central market within your pocket money!

Shopping Nearby

Here, Lajpat Nagar, Sarojini Nagar, Hauz Khas, GK M-block market, etc. are the shopping stops for every shopper. But Sarojini Nagar and GK M-block markets are the most visited amongst others. They are also visited by North campus students for the latest fashion at affordable prices.

Walk on the roads of Hauz Khas, celebrating the morning, and enjoy serenity in the city of Delhi.

Pick wisely. It’s going to be fun as being a student of DU itself is a matter of pride.

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